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USA Minority Chamber of Commerce

USA Minority Chamber of Commerce (UMCC) has functioned as a 501( c ) ( 6 ) organization since May 2008. UMCC was created to support and promote entrepreneurs of minority groups who have aspirations to expand their businesses on a local, national and international level.


The USA Minority Chamber of Commerce its a local organization with international scope, formed as a private entity, created as a non governmental institution, and conformed under collective and voluntary guidelines, this institution is also a non profit organization, that gathers, meets and represent the micro and small businesses, associations and corporations of various nations, with a Head Quarter Office at Houston, Texas and also with branch or representative offices at the following countries: China and Mexico; Peru, Honduras and some other reps. through Latin America.

UMCC has various working groups coordinating committees and forums. There are volunteers from different business that are currently members of the chamber and they make direct links between business and some other non profit programs managed by the Chamber.


To become into a relevant non profit organization fully oriented to support the integration and coordination of all our members’ necessities, looking for new opportunities to develop business within the greater Houstion geographical area as well as into international segments; members’ endeavors and initiatives are taking advantage of its own synergies, supportong and promoting the creation of new business oriented to the freedom of commerce with social responsibility.


The Minority Chamber of Commerce is mainly oriented to developed different activities always generating professional support for our members; our organization is constantly seeking for the growth and improvement of companies manage by our affiliated companies and individuals. It is important to mention that services provided by Minority Chamber of Commerce are always meeting high quality standards helping our members to solve any request they may have before authorities involve in business development in Houston. 

Assessment of Needs

What does a businessperson of Hispanic, African-American or Asian descent (Minority) and European descent (Majority) have in common? They wish to grow their respective business ventures.

We live in a global world, but it does not always provide equal opportunities.

The majority entrepreneur has always had access to more resources to manage a business more successfully than a minority businessperson. Not only can they sell their products throughout the United States or other parts of the world, but also they have always had access to better training and more funding to strengthen and expand their businesses.

However, minority businesspeople have always had more difficulty finding or creating success in their businesses. Generally speaking, these entrepreneurs have not received expert support in marketing, market research, finance or business communication, to advise them in the design and implementation of strategies to manage their businesses properly. In many cases, no legal counsel has educated them in the understanding of commercial laws related to the management of their businesses or of any other legal theme in order to protect their property interests. In terms of foreign trade, these entrepreneurs have not had access to experts to facilitate entries to global markets by introducing them to suppliers and potential clients who would be interested in exporting or importing their products, or by providing valuable information to implement their globalization strategies.


(i) UMCC Business
(ii) Incubadora de Empresas
(iii) Asesoría Empresarial
(iv) Capacitación Empresarial
(v) Alianzas Estratégicas e Internacionalización de Empresas
(vi) Escuela de Negocios

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