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The International Chamber of Naturopathic Science

Jose Angel Manaiza, Eng.

MCC funciona como una organización 501 (c) (3) desde mayo de 2008. MCC fue creada para apoyar y promover a empresarios de grupos minoritarios que tienen aspiraciones de expandir sus negocios a nivel local, nacional e internacional.

MCC ha alcanzado varios logros a pesar de ser una organización relativamente joven. MCC está trabajando en la creacion de varias alianzas con Cámaras de Comercio y organizaciones con liderazgo a nivel local e internacional. Ademas, firmara multiples acuerdos de asociación comunitaria con varias organizaciones y apoyara programas y proyectos relacionados principalmente con la ciencia NATUROPATICA para beneficiar a las comunidades menos privilegiadas de nuestra sociedad.

Sinceramente le invitamos a tomar la noble decisión HOY de ser parte de MCC.


Strategic Alliances and International Growth of Companies
Entrepreneurial Business Training and Education
Business Consulting
Business Incubator
Minority Business Network

Program Directed Towards: All members who are interested in expanding their operations internationally.

Goals and Benefits: To position MCC as a leading Chamber of Commerce in negotiating strategic alliances which allow its members to expand internationally. MCC will create opportunities for other Chambers of Commerce, financial entities, and governmental agencies from different regions of the world interested in import/export opportunities and enterprises interested in expanding their operations internationally. To accomplish this goal, MCC will be responsible for leading trade missions to other countries that offer businesses opportunities for their members and for organizing trade shows that bring entrepreneurs from around the world together under one roof.

Participants: This program will be realized through the collaboration of MCC with other international Chambers of Commerce, diplomats, foreign politicians, governmental agencies such as the U.S. Department of Commerce and financial entities such as the Export-Import Bank of the United States.

Responsibility: Strategic Alliances and International Growth of Companies Unit.

Program Directed Towards: All members who are interested in developing and updating their understanding and skills of business and foreign trade. This program will be extended to employees of member firms of MCC to improve their productivity and competitiveness. Additionally, MCC will design training courses for young people belonging to minority groups.

Goals and Benefits: To offer free training programs in English and Spanish to members. These programs would be offered through seminars and training workshops that will cover issues related to education / business management (marketing and sales strategies, cash flow management, decision making, time management, etc.) and any foreign trade issue that needs to be addressed and discussed immediately (i.e. new free trade agreements, laws in the process of being approved, etc.).

Additionally, MCC plans to create the Institute of International Trade that will appeal to members interested in getting a certificate in international trade subjects such as “Strategic Techniques and Logistics of International Trade”. The Foreign Trade Virtual Library will contain timely and valuable information for those who are part of the Institute. The Virtual Library would be accessed through the MCC website. The Entrepreneurship Education Programs looks to motivate the entrepreneurial spirit of young people from minority groups and fulfill our social responsibility to future generations.

Participants: MCC will be responsible for monitoring the training needs of its member businesses. With the help of educational institutions and individual instructors, programs will be created to support members’ participation and competitiveness in local and international markets. In collaboration with other educational institutions, MCC will create the Institute of Foreign Trade and develop a curriculum that meets the set of core competencies, objectives, contents, methodologies and assessment criteria to create specialists in strategy and logistics of foreign trade.

Program Directed Towards: All members who seek consulting advice to start or strengthen their enterprise or to help it to grow internationally.

Goals and Benefits: To offer consulting services to members in English and Spanish at an affordable price. These consulting services include a wide range of areas, including: legal, tax, training / business management (business plan, marketing, finance, sales, organizational communication, human resources, etc.), access to financing sources, foreign trade, optimization of technology, etc.

Participants: MCC will be responsible for contacting and determining an affordable price with well-known consulting firms and experienced lawyers with relevant specialization. Moreover, MCC will serve as a resource for those members who desire to go abroad with their businesses to contact the best consulting firms and lawyers of the countries where the businesses are seeking to expand operations.

Responsibility: Business Development and Competitiveness Unit, and Strategic Alliances and International Growth of Companies Unit.

Program Directed Towards: Any member with an idea or innovative product that holds business potential and who has a firm desire to start a business.

Goals and Benefits: To create and/or develop micro or small enterprises with support in the early stages of their creation. This support will involve legal counseling, training/business management (such as assistance with business plans, marketing, finance, etc.), connections with development funds and financing, access to the Technology Business Resource Center (TBRC) and many more.

Through TBRC, members will be able to use the facilities of the International Trade Center at a reasonable price. Members will also be able to rent office space and conference rooms which will be fully equipped with telephones, fax machines, computers with Internet access, projectors for presentations and more. This program seeks to reduce the inherent risks associated with starting a business.

Participants: MCC will lead the implementation of this program together with universities, research centers, investors interested in seed capital investments and international institutions, at both the federal and local levels, to support innovative initiatives.

Responsibility: Business Development and Competitiveness Unit, and Business Training Unit.

Program Directed Towards: All members who want to affiliate with a large global network of business professionals.

Goals and Benefits: To create and implement a wide network of business cooperation focused on social and economic inclusion of our members. This network will provide comprehensive business support solutions in all areas related to the creation and sustainability of micro and small enterprises. When our members would like to contract the services of suppliers in other parts of the world, they will have access to hundreds of businesses and professionals. These solutions include, among others, a Commercial Guide and Job Postings Listing.

The Commercial Guide will list the reputation and experience of the businesses verified by MCC. These businesses will be classified by industry type and region. The Job Postings Listing will serve as a complementary service to members in which they will have access to the resumes of students, professionals and technicians who are interested in being contacted for temporary or full-time positions. In this initiative, MCC will accomplish its social responsibility commitment by opening career opportunities to the minority community. All the members will have permanent access to the Commercial Guide and Job Postings Listing through the MCC website. These services will not incur additional costs to the members.

Participants: MCC will be responsible for classifying its members by industry type and for promoting the Job Postings Listing to graduating college students and other members of minority organizations.


What does a businessperson of Hispanic, African-American or Asian descent (Minority) and European descent (Majority) have in common? They wish to grow their respective business ventures.

We live in a global world, but it does not always provide equal opportunities.

The majority entrepreneur has always had access to more resources to manage a business more successfully than a minority businessperson. Not only can they sell their products throughout the United States or other parts of the world, but also they have always had access to better training and more funding to strengthen and expand their businesses.

However, minority businesspeople have always had more difficulty finding or creating success in their businesses. Generally speaking, these entrepreneurs have not received expert support in marketing, market research, finance or business communication, to advise them in the design and implementation of strategies to manage their businesses properly. In many cases, no legal counsel has educated them in the understanding of commercial laws related to the management of their businesses or of any other legal theme in order to protect their property interests. In terms of foreign trade, these entrepreneurs have not had access to experts to facilitate entries to global markets by introducing them to suppliers and potential clients who would be interested in exporting or importing their products, or by providing valuable information to implement their globalization strategies.

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Minority Chamber of Commerce has given me the opportunity to engage with other successful business owners and community leaders.

Alex Smith

I love that the chamber members are so friendly and willing to help you. I also enjoy the free classes for members every month to enhance my business.’